Celebrate Saawan with the Finest Leheriya Picks

"Dance to the sweet melodies of Malhar, enjoy the heavenly drops of rain
Steal the vibrant colours from the rainbow and paint the world with hopes

With flowers blooming and sunshine dallying with the leaves, 
Winds whistling and butterflies fluttering with fun
Let’s get ready to embrace the bounties of Saawan"

Yes, it is finally that time of the year when everyone around blossoms with joy. Children gush out of their homes to enjoy the ‘pitter-patter’ and women tune into the hearty rhythms of folk songs. Young love gleefully plays hide in hopes of holding hands and someday taking vows of a lifetime. Blushing already? Well, that’s what the beautiful season of monsoon does to you! 

We are super excited to frolic around in this season of plenty. With traditional festivals like ‘Teej’ around the corner, let’s go back to our roots and pay homage to our naanis and daadis with the evergreen ‘Leheriya.’ With its ageless charm and bright colours, Leheriya is a celebrated fabric trusted by women for all the beautiful occasions of life. This festive season, sing the happy songs of monsoon in this Double Layered Leheriya Kalidaar Dress in Royal Blue from Shemohe. Also available in shades of fuchsia and orange, this attire is all you need to sweep people off their feet. Embellished with heavy Gota work, this printed cotton dress is a light, flowy affair that lets you enjoy every moment to the fullest. 

Accompanied by piping hot tea and lip-smacking pakoras, this blissful season also brings together friends and families for picnics, getaways and soirees. Take a trip down the memory lane and revisit the good, old times with your loved ones as you lounge around in our Bright Pink Leheriya Kurta-Palazzo set. With dainty Gota detailing on breathable printed cotton fabric, this 'oh-so-lovely' set also comes in tints of blue. Live these moments on joy in style, as they bring enteral sunshine to your life. 

Talking of moments, how beautiful it is to sit down in your balcony with puraane Hindi gaane playing in the background as you read your favourite book, enjoying the surreal showers from heavens above. With an overflowing barky aroma of fresh rain meeting the dry earth, this moment is truly serendipitous. Let’s live for these tiny pockets of happiness and surrender ourselves to the beauties of nature. Bask in the glory of monsoons with this Lehariya Printed Double Layered Kalidaar Kurta in a graceful Firozi colour from Shemohe. Also available in lemon yellow, this printed cotton cambric dress with intricate Gota accents is all you need to look your best and feel your best. Glam up in this stunner for an intimate wedding ceremony or family functions and trust us, you’ll be the ultimate ‘fashionista’ on the guest list. After all, lively monsoons, heartfelt celebrations and love are what the heart really wants. So, might as well relish these occasions with a pinch of style. 

 Well, what are you waiting for? Add these gorgeous Leheriya dresses to your cart and strike off your monsoon ‘To-Do list’ looking like a true diva!